Bristol Airport


Bristol Airport is the predominant airport in the south west of England.

Initial Problem

Bristol Airport had paper and legacy systems to record their various airport operations. Woodstar was asked to come up with an electronic system to easily replicate their existing form and procedures.

Our Solution

Bristol Airport was the first airport to use Airstar, their input and feedback was critical to help make Airstar what it is today.
Airstar was so successful in its application on Air side operations that it was also acquired by Bristol Airport Cleaning, who now run a separate version of Airstar. For both sections this allows flexible and detailed checks to be completed, with clear and thorough reports on the collected data.

  • BRS serves 7 million passengers per year, flying to 130 destinations.
  • The first Airport to use Airstar.
  • Their relationship with Woodstar was instrumental in developing Airstar into the product it is today.
  • Airstar is used for data collection of checks around the airfield, including Turnaround audits, bird scaring and many more.
  • The collected data is easily reported on from the Airstar back office.
  • Geofencing was first introduced here, this allows sections of the airport to be sectioned off, causing an alert to sound on the tablet if they are entered.
  • Bird data is pivotal to their operations, the collected data provides information about locations and numbers of different species.
  • Airstar’s trademark fully customisable “Events” module allows Bristol to design the checks they do in order to get the data they need.

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