Packstar is an industry leading
Packhouse management system

Packstar gives you the oversight to make real quantifiable improvements to your business. From Productivity information to full traceability of products through intake to dispatch, Packstar shows the inner working of your Packhouse so you are no longer in the dark.

Packstar Product Features

Right Restrictions

Users are restricted based on assigned roles to ensure things are only changed by the appropriate level of staff.

Fast and Dynamic Intake Module

Our Intake module gives you speed required in your Packhouse, as well as the flexibility to book in different stock on the spot.

Comprehensive Shop Floor

Our Shop Floor is the production section of Packstar, it gives you thorough control of production while not compromising on ease of use.

Communication to the Lines from the Office

Packstar offers instant messaging between the leaders and the workers.

Modern Tablet Design

Our Intake and Shopfloor modules are made for android tablets, a familiar starting point for every user.

Fast Order Importing

Import your customer and supplier orders in bulk using our importers.

Real-time Job Management

View and manage your Packhouse as jobs are running including users, team leaders and information on the stock being used.

Productivity View

Display the current productivity in the Packhouse to enable Team Leaders to make improvements.

Stock Management

See the current and previous locations of your stock as it moves including the value in each store.

Material Usage Charging

Easily charge your suppliers on their material usage with our Charges module.

Extensive Quality Control

Our QC is regarded as one of the best in the industry. Easy to use, fully customisable and perfect for monitoring the quality of pallets in real time.

All Encompassing Reporting

Reports on everything from the orders at intake to the efficiency of Production.

Case Studies

Stourgarden Ltd

Southern England Farms

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