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Harvest manager is an industry leading software package designed to help a busy farm manage its labour, costs and productivity.

Harvest Manager Product Features


Timesheets can be recorded on farm provided devices or employee’s own phones/tablets.

Development & Training

An extension of the HR system that records the development, training and achievements of employees.

Event Capture

Any event can be captured in the system. Examples of such events are vehicle inspections, pest and disease and crop progress reports.


Farm managers and supervisors can easily access information about worker and team performance in real-time.


Harvest Manager has a build in HR system that records everything that a farm would need to know about the employee. Incidents can then be managed by staff with the appropriate permissions.


Every field or location can be recorded in the system along with a large variety of business critical data.


Jobs can be created in the back office or live in the field to record labour and productivity. Jobs are ideal when the end time or product being harvested is variable.


Harvest Manager can integrate with many standard payroll and accounts systems such as Sage, Nav, Earnie and also agronomy software packages such as GateKeeper.


Harvest Manager can run on a large variety of devices from desktop PCs, phones, tablets and is also available as a portal. Windows, Android and iOS are both supported.

Track and Trace

All Harvest Manager devices can be enabled to track and trace. This allows at-a-glance access to an operator’s location and can warn when entering a high-risk area or activity. Journeys can also be tracked and replayed.


Harvest Manager can record large amounts of data and this can be extracted with ease using our inbuilt reports or can be accessed by other leading standalone reporting tools. Reporting can be delivered live to farm managers to view field productivity.


Units, such as trays or bags, can be scanned in the field and attributed to the employee or team. Scanning is done using inexpensive android phones or Bluetooth laser scanners paired to a device.

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