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Airstar is a self-configurable platform that allows you to create many unique features. These can be easily tailored to work with your own existing airport operational and compliance procedures on an inexpensive Android device.

Airstar Product Features

Bird Distress Calls

Popular bird distress calls can be played from the mobile device or directly linked to an external amplifier on an operations vehicle. Important dispersal information can be recorded.

Event Capture

Any event can be captured in the system using our fully customisable event section. Examples of such events include runway surface checks, vehicle inspections, perimeter checks and fault recording.

Faults & Audit Logging

Faults and repairs can be recorded in the system along with any media taken and any interactions with other departments. A full audit log is maintained.


Location aware virtual boundaries can be defined in the system. When any device running Airstar enters into these areas audio-visual alarms can be activated and/or specific events can be prompted.

Track & Trace

All Airstar devices can be enabled to track and trace. This allows at-a-glance access to an operator’s location which can also be tracked and replayed.

Low Visibility Procedures (LVP)

LVP can be activated via a device running Airstar. This will put all mobile devices on the airfield into this special mode, prompting certain activities and activating specific LVP geo-fences.

Personal Development & Training

An individual’s training, development and achievements can be recorded.


Airstar can integrate with many standard and custom software packages currently in operation such as HR systems, security systems and bespoke management modules.


Airstar can record large amounts of data which can be extracted with ease using our inbuilt reports or by other leading standalone reporting tools.

Form Creation

Any paper or electronic form can be easily replicated within minutes.


Airstar can run on a large variety of devices from desktop PCs, phones, tablets and is also available as a portal.


Airstar can be modified to include your specific airport requirements.

Case Studies

Manchester Airport Group

Bristol Airport

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