Harvest Manager

Branston are one of the leading growers and suppliers of potatoes in the UK, supplying some of the largest customers in the country.

Initial Problem

Branston needed a way to get away from using pen and paper in the field as well as allowing their agronomists to record observations and tests in the field which would then be easily viewable later.

Our Solution

Woodstar developed an easy to use and comprehensive suite of tools to allow Branston to create, develop and deploy tests (checks with a list of questions) to capture the data they needed. We later further improved their system using an online portal for easy deployment as well as an Apple (IOS) version of their mobile software.

  • Branston are a massive potato supplier, handling 350,000 tonnes of potatoes every year.
  • Customers in retail, wholesale and manufacturing.
  • As well as growing their own potatoes, they also partner with other UK growers to ensure timely and efficient delivery.
  • Branston came to us after seeing the work we were doing with other clients, and the improvements we were helping them make to their business.
  • They run one of the most customised and intuitive check systems we have ever created.
  • Woodstar created a portal to allow growers access to their recorded data, payment information and more.
  • Running mobile software on both IOS and Android.
  • Their suppliers receive the Harvest Manager application directly through the portal, saving Branston substantial time and effort in deployment.

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