Southern England Farms (SEF)


SEF were one of our earliest customers who have also had a system rebuild in 2018. Packstar for SEF is completely integrated into our Harvest Manager (HM) system, to enable seamless transfer from farm to Packhouse.

Initial Problem

Like many of our customers, SEF were originally using pen and paper for their records. They needed a system that could help them organise their Packhouse, as well as keep a track of their growing operations and seasonal workers.

Our Solution

Woodstar worked with SEF to deliver a fully integrated system comprising of two products, Harvest Manager and Packstar. In SEF’s case Packstar pulls information from Harvest Manager and then uses that when booking in bins at intake. From that point on the bins are fully contained within Packstar and full traceability and reporting is then available as the product is used throughout the system.

  • SEF is one of the largest and most successful vegetable farms in England.
  • They grow on 7000 acres every year.
  • Suppliers including Tesco and Sainsbury’s.
  • Packstar can fully integrate into our other systems as well as external programs, in this case it is Harvest Manager.
  • Intake are aware of what is coming into the Packhouse and from which fields.
  • Full traceability from Supplier/Grower all the way through to dispatched products.
  • Quality control module, completely flexible and also containing unique customisation.
  • User focused design, the end users at SEF have been instrumental in Woodstar delivering a package that works for them.

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