Stourgarden were our first Packstar customer. They have recently had a complete system rebuild to bring them up to speed with the advancements in technology since their first system a decade ago.

Initial Problem

Stourgarden were originally completely paper based and were looking to have greater control and transparency throughout their business. The goal was to have a system which followed their stock from one end of the Packhouse to the other.

Our Solution

Over the course of our relationship with Stourgarden, we have worked with them to modernise their Packhouse procedures, with many of their processes now running on android tablets. They now have the control they desired as well as important business information such as the mass balance of goods in to goods out.

  • Stourgarden are one of the UKs leading onion packers, packing 75000 tonnes of onions per year and serving large retailers such as Tesco.
  • Have had a working relationship with Woodstar for over a decade.
  • Had the first Packstar system, and have had a complete system rebuild in 2018.
  • Full stock trace-ability, Bins are weighed at Intake and then tracked throughout their locations and their use in Production.
  • Production is tracked on a job level with waste being recorded against the job.
  • Mass balance is extremely important, this is the comparison of what came in compared to the finished product. For Stourgarden this needed to be reported on the level of production jobs, so the use of GRNs is restricted on a job. Reporting is then done on the goods produced per job and therefore GRN.
  • Packstar is integrated with multiple graders on site to ensure seamless grading.
  • EDI is used to communicate orders with large retailers.
  • In depth reporting to give Stourgarden the tools they need to constantly strive for more.

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